Who I am

To start with: I’m someone wanting to keep herself anonymous for now. I’m constantly thinking about ways to write that wouldn’t be so bad if someone I knew read through them.

Right now I’m 24, and I work as a Software Developer. I studied for this, and have a strong opinion regarding what I’ve had to deal with being a girl in a field like Computer Engineering.

I’m portuguese. I speak 3 languages.

I’m starting this blog in a transitional phase of my life. Last year I described my life as being “still”, and I was “waiting” for it to begin. But things like these rarely happen in one night. Today, I feel like a lot more is happening, even if I’m not doing a lot more than working every day.

Only recently I’ve discovered that I can make my own big life decisions, and follow through them. Those big decisions often require some sort of sacrifice and some effort, but I believe they’ll end up leading me to a better and more enjoyable life. I hope to document that in this blog.


This blogging thing is weird

One thing I spend a lot more time thinking about compared to when I didn’t have a blog is: Is this a good blog post topic? Is that? Should I get super personal? Or should I aim to write about things other people would like to know, like how difficult I’m finding this to be?

I’ve thought, maybe I should blog for myself. I’d make this blog private and write to my heart’s content about all the things I’m loving or hating about my life. I’d even name names. But I choose to challenge myself, and write in a way that other people can partiticipate if they want to.

I still want something that I can look back at and feel something, like the moment was captured in text or a picture that I’ll keep forever.

And here I am getting ready to do it all publicly, honestly hoping people will join me. Anyone else ever feel like this? Let me know, I’d love it if there was a community of people doing what I just described!

What I’m not

I realised after I started writing this that it might come across like a giant disclaimer! Feel free to take it as such. The goal here is to describe myself for what I’m not, but am still trying to be.

Everyone has dreams, and being somewhat successful at the things I describe makes up a couple of dreams for me. So I’d like to start with probably the most apparent one:

I’m not a writer. I write a lot of personal notes and vents, and then I throw them away. There’s something scary about writing something knowing it’ll be out there for everyone to read. I’d like to overcome that nervousness, and to embrace the attention that comes.

I’m not an artist, but I enjoy drawing and painting. I like seeing mental images come to life, even if they’re not exactly the same as imagined.

I’m not a photographer, yet I own a good phone and a camera which I use to mainly take pictures of plants. I also started this blog to motivate me to share more of my pictures, and show how I improve over time (hopefully!)

I don’t follow the perfect balanced lifestyle that I wish I had. Yet. This includes the gym, healthy eating, travelling a lot, learning new things… All of that while I keep my full-time job.

I don’t keep my projects for a long time. I have high hopes for this blog, where I’d like to document the steps I take in my life to hopefully make it more interesting.

Who doesn’t want to improve their life? My strategy here is to embrace the things you aren’t but would like to be. Turn them into goals, and take steps towards them.


The Cliché “Hello, World!” Post

Hello! I’ve just started this new project. I named it Interlace because I like its meaning and application to various subjects. I’ve wanted to have a personal project and name it Interlace for a few years now.

I don’t have much to say as far as an introduction goes. I like photography, art, fitness, travelling and plants. I’ll most likely end up focusing on these subjects most of the time.

I love the idea of showing, through pictures and words, how one sees the world. I’ll attempt to show whoever happens to reach this page the world as I see it, and what makes it so special to me.